Evan Mannweiler is a freelance illustrator, self defense expert, underwear model, biblical scholar and noted biologist. He earned a BA in Journalism and a BFA in Printmaking from Indiana University in 2010. His interests and personal work deals with issues of masculinity and manhood.

Evan has worked for print publication since 2003. He has served as an art director, a photographer, a copy editor, writer, editorial cartoonist and most especially, an illustrator. He has experience working with brands like Nike, Tatami Fightwear, Kauai Kimonos, Kingz Kimonos, Reevo Kimonos, Killer Bee Gis, OK Kimonos, Jiu Jitsu Ace Apparel Company and many more.

Outside of his art, Evan is a passionate Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner. He is a black belt under Andre Galvao (Atos) and Tim Sledd (Atos/Small Axe Jiu Jitsu). He currently lives and trains in Chicago.