The Bull Fighter GI

The first real public attention I got working for jiu jitsu companies was in a collab with Tatami Fightwear on an old school, nose art pin up design we put together in 2010. We’ve got a page on it somewhere here. It was really popular and launched a bunch of other pin up themed projects over the years.

Truth be told, I’ve taken a lot of heat for the pin ups. I get it, too. Pin ups are problematic. They’re totally absurd. Here’s the thing - I was introduced to jiu jitsu by a woman. That was 2003 and she redefined ass kickings for me that day. I’ve been championing women in jiu jitsu since then, through teaching, training and design work.

I put together this design as a tribute to girls who train before I ever started getting blowback from the pin ups. I have great admiration to the duality women bring to the mat – beauty, grace, power and cunning. Girls who train have to be tougher than guys who train, without question. A lot of guys struggle to step on the mats, and girls have more barriers to entry than guys do. The original design was proposed with a woven tape that repeated the old quote – “Courage is grace under pressure.” For the record – I put this design together and shopped it around to BJJ companies for two years. No one was willing to produce it. Honestly, that’s the problem, not pin ups.