Kingz Kimonos - White Knight and Black Knight Gis

Kingz Kimonos came to me while they were sponsoring my friend and coach Andre Galvao. I joined Atos in 2011 and got my black belt from Andre in 2013. Kingz was fairly new on the market but blew up really fast. Bruno from Kingz asked if we could do something to trade on the Kingz name and bring in some of his love for Game of Thrones. We kicked around some ideas and landed on something that referenced old manuscripts and period compositions. I asked if he pictured the narrative being about a good guy or a bad guy. He couldn’t decide, and in a tribute to how Bruno does business, he told me we needed to do both. The lining of the White Knight gi tells a story about a good guy doing the right thing, taking a risk and helping the people around him. The Black Knight gi is about ambition. The narrative is in three panels on both – when someone wears them, and you can see only the side panels, they have a before and after narrative, with the wearer in the middle. 

Kingz Kimonos - Sovereignty 2.0

In 2016, Kingz asked me to revamp their Sovereignty gi, originally designed by John Smalls. They wanted to keep with the medieval theme and throw in a little action. White and black versions again. 

Please Don't Steal - Kingz Sovereignty II