Tatami Fightwear - Pin Up Gi

I graduated college in 2010 and moved back in with Mom and Dad. I was putting together portfolios and resumes and trying to find a way to pay off my loans. That fall, Tatami and Seymour Yang (of Meerkatsu fame) put together a stupid Facebook challenge called the “Design Your Own Crazy Ass Gi” contest. Tatami, fairly small players at that point, pledged to make the winning design. Winners would be chosen based on likes. I put together a design, posted it, the contest blew up, and thankfully, I ended up on top. Tatami had never done a themed gi. They’d never done sublimation. They’d never done a cinch sack. I think we were the first gray gi on the market, too. We learned a lot and it started a long line of collabs with those guys. I’ll always be thankful for Tatami and to Seymour, who’s been a great friend, great sounding board and a super successful artist in his own right.