Portraits are honest. If you try to change someone, to erase their flaws, they become unrecognizable fast. Portraits are also a great technical challenge. They force you to really look and see and to use your tools to solve a lot of problems.

Carlson Gracie

Robert Hamman

After my buddy Mike’s dad passed, I put together a patch for him to wear on his gi. Later, we dug it out turned it into branding. We let him become a symbol for the things he stood for and the lessons he taught Mike. His dad should have run the best dive bar in Chicago.

Thank You Rash Guard

Jiu jitsu has given me an awful lot over the years. Jiu jitsu is frivolous, though. Honestly, no one cares if you’re good at arm bars or you’re a great guard passer. Just like having a good jump shot or a being able to throw a killer curve ball – do you think in 10 years anyone will care? Jiu Jitsu is really an excuse to hang out with your friends. Of all of the things jiu jitsu has given me, the people are the best. I spent most of my time on the mats in Indiana. I moved to Chicago in 2014. When I left, I wanted to bring my friends with me. They were on my mind in a big way. The guys over at Cruz Combat helped me put together a rash guard with drawings of some of the people who have had the most influence in my life on the mats. In the background are the names of everyone I can remember training with over the years. I’m positive I’ve forgotten tons or left of names of people I only met briefly. Now, my friends can be with me on the mats no matter where we are.